Service Details

OPR (owner’s project requirements)

Develop owner’s essential engineering elements as a basis for design and construction requirements and post construction evaluation.

Energy Assessments

Facility assessment and design document assessment of energy consuming systems, building envelope and recommendations for conservation measures.

Commissioning Planning

Management of the Commissioning process with comprehensive scheduling, Cx Plan distribution, meeting management and documentation; leadership throughout the commissioning process.

Commissioning Schedule

Development of commissioning schedule and coordination with Master Construction (CPM) schedule to ensure the accuracy of logic, durations, and coordination with construction execution.

Design Review(s)

CxA will review design progress, track issues discovered, and manage the resolution of issues with the engineer(s) of record (EOR); ensure issues are resolved in subsequent drawing updates.

Develop Functional Performance Tests (FTs)

CxA will develop draft functional performance tests based on the EOR’s sequence of operations provided in construction documents, and update/finalize FTs after evaluation of submittals and control contractor programming submittals.

Submittal/Shop Review

CxA will review product data submitted by contractors to ensure an appropriate response to OPR and engineer of record design intent.

Testing & Acceptance

CxA will lead the testing process to validate engineered systems perform as required by the EOR’s sequence of operations and controls programming. CxA will document any issues and manage the resolution of issues with the EOR and the prime contractor.


CxA will review the contractor field drawings and/or BIM (Building Information Model) to reflect the actual installation of the engineered systems.


CxA will coordinate with Owner’s facility staff and equipment suppliers to ensure contractors training plan meets the needs of the owner. CxA will track training provided to staff.

Facility Trending Review

CxA may provide post-construction support to evaluate the facility under full (occupied) load, and make recommendations and/or adjustments to maximize efficiency.

In-Warranty Review

CxA may return to project approximately eight (8) months after substantial completion to interview Owner staff and evaluate systems. CxA will document any issues discovered and coordinate with contractors/EOR to resolve as part of the warranty.

Off Season Testing

During test and acceptance, it may be necessary to “fool” the temperature monitoring system(s) to evaluate the performance of installed systems. Example – it may be 92 degrees and heating systems need a false reading of 40 degrees to respond; the purpose is to ensure heating works as part of acceptance by Owner/CxA. CxA will return when the temperature is truly cold and verify that system works in automated mode.

Our Services

  • ESCO (Energy Services) Management
  • Facility Assessment & Condition Report
  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Energy Modeling & Utility Rebate Pursuit
  • Facility Consulting Operations / MEP
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Single Point Failure Analysis
  • Commissioning Authority (CxA) of Record
  • LEED NC, CI, and S&C; ASHE HFCxA
  • Owner Project Requirements (OPR)
  • Measurement & Verification Plans
  • Commissioning Plans
  • Commissioning Schedules
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  • LEED Assessments
  • LEED Tracking
  • Commissioning Specification
  • MEP Systems Manual
  • Construction & MEP System Reviews
  • BIM (Bldg Info Model) Management
  • MEP/S Coordination
  • Cx Issue Tracking and Issue Resolution
  • Specialty Testing Coordination
  • Site Observation Documentation
  • Owner Staff Training Support
  • As Built Verification
  • Retro-Commissioning
  • Maintenance & Operations Program
  • Re-commissioning